Unibet Poker is a top-rated online poker site offering players a chance to enjoy ring games, guaranteed tournaments, and special events. The brand also provides online events to allow players to participate in major events. Unibet is now offering players a chance to win a €2,000 Unibet Open Package via King of Flips.

King of Flips offering €2,000 Unibet Open Package

The King of Flips is a fast-paced mini-game that requires players to beat the King in a series of flips. If you beat him, you win prizes, one of which could be the Unibet Open Package!

King of Flips Challenge

When you play in the King of Flips challenge, winning a hand guarantees a prize win. You can earn bonus XP points or tournament tickets. You can also risk your reward and go for another flip to win an even bigger reward. The more flips you win, the better the prize. However, if you lose, you will end up with nothing.

Players can participate in the King of Flips promo until September 25 in the Unibet client. From now till then, players can earn a free bronze token each week. This token is used to take on the king. You can earn more tokens by participating in cash games and HexaPro games plus sit-n-go’s.

The stakes you play at Unibet dictate the token tier. To earn a token you need to play in cash games and see 30 flops, or play in five sit’n go’s or three HexaPros. The buy-ins of the options will be higher based on your tier. Bronze is the lowest followed by Silver and Gold.

Many Pathways to the Unibet Open Package

Players have a few pathways via King of Flips to reach the Unibet Open Package. In the Bronze level, players will need to win 14 flips to reach the package. In Silver mode, players will need 12 flips. The Gold level requires nine flips to reach the package.

With each flip, players can earn bonus points, Unibet Open satellite tickets, Supermoon tickets, Bonus points, and Hexapro tickets. The path to the package is filled with rewards so players can earn something regardless and stop at any time.

Continue on towards the Unibet Open Package if you like with flips but be advised if you keep going and lose, then all rewards are lost. It’s a fun way to enjoy online poker and have a shot at winning extras, including a seat to the Unibet Poker Open.

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